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Week 2 of the Bodymedia Fitness Challenge down, 4 more to go.  I love this armband. I’m discovering some random, yet interesting stuff.  For instance I typically burn 1.1 calories per minute when I sleep.  And a round trip from my bedroom to the bathroom is about 60 steps or, if I were being graded, I’d get a B plus in sleep efficiency (between 85 & 90%).  But I find out some useful stuff too, information that I use helps me reach my daily goals.   For example, in a half hour I can walk 3,000 or run 6,000 steps.  So now on any given day I know what I need to do to hit my goals.

Now what I have I been doing these last 2 weeks you ask?  LOTS of walking.  I walk along side my clients on the treadmill, I walk to the bank and I walk for the fun of it.  All of this is, of course, in addition to the activity I was already doing.  Wearing this armband has definitely motivated me to move more.  That along with the fact that I know you’re all watching.  :)  I even found the motivation to go for a walk in 20 degree weather.  All of this extra walking has really boosted my activity level, even more so than I thought it would. As you can see I did really well this last week.  I averaged 14,482 steps and 3:09 hours of activity per day.  I surpassed both of my goals.  I guess that makes me an over achiever?

So how did I decide on my goals?  If you remember in my week 1 post I announced my goals, 13,000 steps and 2.5 hours of activity a day.  Ideally I want to do this without losing weight; or gaining any for that matter.  These days I weigh in at 125 pounds, give or take a pound.  Quantifying my goal wasn’t easy.  My schedule is a bit erratic.  There are a couple of days during the week where I’m extremely active (15,000 steps or more).  I teach more than 1 class on these days.  And then there are days were I’m not doing much at all (6,000 – 7,000 steps).  Yes, these are the days when I sit on my butt and blog for hours at a time.  With that said,  my baseline average was at about 11,000 steps a day.  So I jumped to 13,000 based on that information.  While on some days I’ll hit my goal without a lot of extra effort just know that on the other days I struggle to get from 6,000 to 13,000 steps.  There was a  night last week where I resorted to pacing my apartment and yet I still fell 200 steps short of my goal.  I started to doze off while walking so I finally gave up and went to bed.

Perhaps the best part of this challenge is the fact that I burn more, and therefore get to eat more calories.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a free for all here.  I may be eating more but I’m still eating healthy.  Except of course last Thursday when I went for the over-sized oatmeal raisin cookie at Starbucks.  But what the heck, you have to treat yourself sometimes.  That’s what makes this all worth while.

Much to my surprise I’ve managed to keep my calories in balance without much effort.  I eat when I’m hungry.  And maybe sometimes when I’m not.  Either way at the calories in seem to match the calories out.  At the end of each day I log in everything I ate for that day.  It’s not an exact match but for the most part the numbers work out.  This is what I consider being in-tune with my body and knowing what it needs to stay energized; something that took years for me to master.


Well that’s all for now until next week.  But don’t forget you can follow my progress daily on Facebook and Twitter.  In fact I would love to hearing from you, my cheerleaders.


What words of encouragement do you have for me this week?


You may be curious about the other 5 women participating in this challenge.  And while they say that curiosity killed the cat, it certainly won’t kill you, I promise.  So go ahead and read about these 5 amazing women.



Here is some more detail about the BodyMedia FIT armband, taken straight from the source.

BodyMedia FIT automatically tracks the calories burned during your daily activities — from pumping iron to using an iron — and monitors the quality of your sleep, an important factor in weight loss. Add in the easy-to-use food log and you have the information you need to improve your weight loss.

The 3 part system includes:

  1. An Armband that automatically captures data
  2. An optional Display device or free downloadable mobile apps that give you up-to-the-minute readings throughout the day
  3. An online Activity Manager* that analyzes raw data, allows you to log food and presents info in an easy-to-understand way  (*subscription required)


Disclosure: Device and accompanying online Activity Manager subscription was provided by BodyMedia via EmpowHER.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of BodyMedia or EmpowHER.


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Barbara 16-02-2012, 11:46

It is so hard to get those steps in some days isn’t it? I love all the information we get from the armband. The sleep stuff is fascinating.

Keep up the great work!

Gio 03-03-2012, 00:46

I’ve been wearing the new BodyMedia BW manbard for about a week now, and although it was a rocky, frustrating set up I’m loving it now. I starting wearing this right after Thanksgiving and I’ve already lost the extra turkey and pumpkin pie pounds I gained thanks to this! Due to some of the other reviews posted, I think some clarifications are in order. First, all the data that is being collected is actually stored on the manbard. The only thing the phone does is act as a display of data that’s on the manbard (just like how the watch/display works with previous versions, by the way). But it’s able to do a lot more than the old watch display by taking additional information like the food log and give you an up to date snapshot to show if you’re consuming more or less calories than you’re burning. Just like with previous versions, you still have to download the official data to the Bodymedia activity manager on your computer via a USB cable. You do have to press the button on the manbard to link it to your phone BEFORE you open up the app. Then when it links, the phone will display your latest steps, calories burned, etc. I do this once or twice during the day to see where I’m at and its super easy to link it each time before. If it were constantly connected (as another reviewer indicated he thought that’s how it should work) it would kill the battery life of both your phone and your manbard bluetooth drains battery life. If you are in an exercise session (say, at the gym), you go to the workout section of the app, and the phone and manbard stay connected for that entire session so you can get real time data and work out till you’ve reached a threshold of burned calories. Super easy. There’s no doubt the setup instructions need improvement. I’ve seen on other sites that customer service can help, though. As much as I like the convenience of bluetooth it does drain the battery life of the manbard. I used to wait two weeks between charging, now I have to charge every 3 or 4 days. But overall I love this version of the manbard. It’s a great tool. Should you upgrade from the previous version to the BW version? If you’ve got a supported smart phone and you like being able to check in to see how you’re doing or want real time info when you’re at the gym then yes. If you’re ok with using the watch display combined with the previous version -then stick with it.

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Marcos 03-03-2012, 14:48

Just checkin in to say happy Birthday and sorry to hear about your loss. It dsnuos like your are starting to move ahead though. It takes a long long long time. I have also experienced a sudden and unexpected loss and after 20 years I still never forget the day but I don’t remember it the same way either. I do not emotionally eat on that day etc. I don’t cry on that day either because I have learned to talk to her daily or whenever I want and understand that although I cannot see her, she is still with me.As to my results… I had such an insane week I did not even bother to weigh in. However I hope to start back into this challenge today. I began with my large glass of water and will now have a yogurt! It’s a good start and my week is beginning peacefully!

HCG Drops 01-05-2013, 05:22

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